Lachlan Keller with Aunty Amanda

Lachlan's liver transplant couldn't have come a moment too soon. Many years on he's still singing the praises of his donor.

Lachlan Keller with Aunty Amanda

Lachlan’s liver transplant couldn’t have come a moment too soon. Many years on he’s still singing the praises of his donor.

My Story

I was born with Biliary Atreasia and was nine months old when I was put on a waiting list for a liver transplant. I don’t remember anything because I was so young, but I have photos of me with a very bloated stomach. I couldn’t crawl, let alone walk and my skin used to get really itchy. I had my transplant when I was 18 months old and stayed in hospital for four weeks. I am now the strapping young lad you see before you. We think about my donor family often, and every year my family and I attend the Thanksgiving Service held in honour of donors and their families.

Lowest Point

The worst period of time was a couple of months before my transplant and I was getting sicker and I had to have a feeding tube in all the time and being only a baby, I kept pulling it out and Mum and Dad had to keep putting it back in and it was really upsetting for them and me!

Highest Point

As I was only 18 months old, I can’t remember anything about being sick or the operation and my stay in hospital. Mum and Dad and my family however, have told me a lot about the experience. They said getting the phone call from the hospital telling them to bring me in for the operation made them feel relieved, hopeful, thankful, but also scared. After four weeks I went home and got stronger every day and then two months after my transplant, on Christmas Day when I was 20 months old, I walked for the very first time!